Email account

  • Use a strong and unique password.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) if possible.
  • Use separate email accounts for different purposes.
  • Hover your mouse over links in email before you click on them to see if the URL looks legitimate. On mobile device you can press and hold the link. The legitimate URLs starts with “” only.
  • Use VPN software when working from public Wi-Fi connections.

Information to send

  • Always use a name or nickname which is familiar to your recipient.
  • Remember that your name or nickname appears in the subject line of email.
  • Try to avoid sending confidential information.
  • Compose the message in such a way that the recipient can understand that the information came from you. For example, use facts that only you and your recipient knows.

Even more security

You can significantly increase security of transmitted information using PGP encryption. There are two options for using this technology:

  • You sign the message text with your PGP key. This way, the recipient can make sure that the message came from you. Message text is transmitted unencrypted.
  • You encrypt whole message with PGP key.

For this purpose you will need special software that can be found on the Internet. Encrypted information can be inserted into a message as plain text.

Message in a bottle