What is special about this service?
In traditional email services delivery of messages can be delayed in certain amount of time or scheduled to specified date. Enteex service sends messages depending on user inactivity during certain period of time. It's software version of dead man's switch.
Is it secure?
According to Privacy Policy, owner of service is committed to securing your data and keeping it confidential. However, the information transmission via email cannot be considered 100% safe. You can find out how to make using the service more secure on Security tips page.
Can I use disposable or temporary email address to keep my private identity?
You can use disposable or temporary email to get familiar with our service. Note that specified email services may not be suitable for long-term use or may have privacy problems.
How to check sending of email alerts without waiting for a long time?
After email alerts activation, click "Send alert now" button in Messages page. Alert will be send to your email in 15 minutes and you can confirm or stop alert sending.
How alert sending time is calculated?
It depends on time of last confirmation. For example, if you set the alert to be sent once every two days, next alert will be sent exactly 48 hours after the moment of last confirmation. In this example your first alert will be send to you exactly 48 hours after alerts activation.
Does my email address displayed in the message?
No, message contains only information that you specified. If necessary, you can write your email address in the message text.
I have no cryptocurrencies. How to make a payment for Premium subscription by traditional ways?
Only cryptocurrency payment system is used on this website. However, there are many services on the Internet for selling cryptocurrencies using traditional payment methods.
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