1. Login/Signup by your email. Login code to access will be sent to you by email.
  2. Write the message for trusted email address. For example, it could be your relative, friend or colleague.
  3. Set period of email alerts and activate it.
  4. From time to time you will receive alerts from this website by email.
  5. Once alert is received, it is necessary to click link in email for confirmation.
  6. If you can not confirm email alert during certain period of time (few hours or days, it depends on settings), your message will be send to trusted email address or addresses.

In other words, this is software version of dead man's switch.

There are some restrictions for new registered users:

  • It's possible to send one message to recipient which is registered on this website.
  • Technical support is provided with low priority.

If you subscribe to the Premium plan:

  • You will be able to send simultaneously two messages to two different external email recipients.
  • Technical support is provided with high priority.

Premium subscription plan will be activated after you make an one-time payment. Subscription period is unlimited.

For more information see F.A.Q. page.
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